The mobile – your future credit card

Trade in goods on the web is in constant growth, something which sets constantly new requirements for user-friendliness and security.

Regarding mobile units, trade in goods has doubled over the last nine months, and many people predict that mobile solutions for all types of transaction, so-called digital wallets, will come in earnest in a short time.  

Paying by mobile
The smart telephone is now made into a payment unit which can be used everywhere, both online and offline. A range of different actors are fighting now to develop the ultimate solution, and EnterCard is following the movements in this market closely. 

User friendliness and distribution
So that a universal mobile solution shall be accepted by the consumers, user friendliness that exceeds physical bank cards such as we know them today is required. Payment shall then be easier than getting a bank card out and keying in the code. An increasing number of banks and mobile operators have started offering mobile wireless payments to their customers, such as  Google, PayPal, Amazon, MasterCard and Visa.

Constant development
We at EnterCard wish to always offer the solutions that our customers want. We are always looking for new possibilities and are continually evaluating what development we can do on our systems in order to be a leading actor within digital payment solutions. 

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