Why choose EnterCard?

EnterCard are specialists in credit where the customer does not have to obtain a mortgage on a residence or other tangible assets property (unsecured credit).

We offer both credit cards and consumer loans, and have long experience with offering an adapted credit limit for each individual customer, not too much and not too little. 

The fact that we only focus on unsecured credit means that our marketing is more objective.  The company has good analytical competence and therefore utilises customer data effectively in our segmenting models to obtain the best solutions for the customers, you and us.  

A co-operation with us as specialists in credit makes it simpler for you to focus on your core areas.  

In order to protect customers against fraud we have effective security systems which monitor all our transactions. This in combination with our security experts’ manual work means that our customers receive the help they need.  

Responsible lending is central at EnterCard, and we use it as a guideline in all our work.  

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EnterCard Group AB Organisational number: 556673 - 0585
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