Our social responsibility

Through our citizenship work, EnterCard wishes to show that we take responsibility, individually and collectively. That means that our colleagues are encouraged not only to focus on income for the company, but to use their knowledge to help others.

EnterCard looks at social responsibility as a means of fulfilling our customers’ expectations of taking part in their own local community and the customers’ daily challenges, through our business operations.

EnterCard contributes to various social initiatives, with a particular focus on young people, which we develop either on our own or in collaboration with our partners. For instance, we support Fryshuset and Blue Cross.

Citizenship report for 2016

The citizenship report is prepared for the period from January 1st, 2016 until December 31st, 2016.
EnterCard’s work on citizenship is principally striving to generate a positive impact on young people and this report presents information on EnterCard’s wide variety of activities and citizenship work done in Norway, Denmark and Sweden during the last two years.

It is structured by our commitments to our stakeholders and follows those pillars on which the company’s citizenship framework and EnterCard’s values are built. Please note that not all the activities done within citizenship are included in this report. The report does not cover EnterCard’s financial performance.

Download the report here

Our support to chess

Research shows that chess has a very positive impact on children’s development of analytical skills. Analytical skills are essential for us working in finance. That is why EnterCard employees volunteer their time to teach kids chess in collaboration with the Norwegian Chess Federation.