Fryshuset aims to give young people an opportunity to develop their skills and passions, so that they can realise their potential, find their place in society and prevent exclusion. Entercard wishes to contribute to this important work.

Fryshuset is a meeting place for holistic learning and personal development in the following areas: Youth culture, social projects, schools, labour market and entrepreneurship. Fryshuset runs a number of school programmes for vocational training, seminars and conferences, theatre, music and sports classes, and host events, concerts, parties and discos. The organisation focuses especially on people at risk of falling out of society, believing that everyone can succeed if given the chance to start fresh.

Here are some of the projects in which Entercard is currently involved:

Children of single mothers – Barn till ensamma mammor

Several single mothers and children find themselves in a financially and socially challenging situation where basic needs such as decent clothing and recreational activities are unmet. To help them, Fryshuset and Entercard arrange activities for families, such as visits to zoos and amusement parks.

Lovely Days

Together with Fryshuset, Entercard organises Lovely Days for young people, with activities such as film nights and baking days. Lovely Days has become a meeting place for teenagers across Stockholm.

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