My Dream Now

My Dream Now aims to make every student in Sweden feel valued by society and find their way into working life, seize opportunities and realise their dreams. The project links pupils to potential employers, focusing on students with a socioeconomically challenging background, with few adult role models from the professional world in their life. Giving all students the same opportunities can help reduce economic and social inequalities.

The cooperation with My Dream Now gives Entercard an opportunity to inspire young people to find and realise their dreams. At the same time, Entercard can get to know the next generation of workers.

Here are some of the projects Entercard is currently involved in:

Class Coaching Programme

Entercard’s employees take coaching courses and contribute in My Dream Now seminars for classes in upper secondary schools. As class coaches from different fields, Entercard employees inspire and motivate students to set short-term goals and choose various paths to achieve their dreams. They focus especially on the importance of active leisure, after school experiences, the labour market and job seeking. The students get a chance to participate in several sessions throughout the year.

Study visits to Entercard’s offices in Stockholm

In partnership with My Dream Now, Entercard hosts study visits for students from Stockholm. During the visit, students get an insight into what they can expect when entering work life.

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