Ungt Entreprenørskap

Ungt Entreprenørskap (UE) is a non-profit, nationwide organisation that works with children and teens in partnership with the education system and business community. UE, provides the teens with insight and experience in the business world, from development of business ideas and how to start their own youth companies to marketing, sales, HR and finances.

“We have chosen to work with Ungt Entreprenørskap because they motivate young people to develop new ideas and skills. The partnership is a win-win situation, where students learn more about the business world and we learn more about what drives young people and the workers of the future,” says Melita Ringvold, Head of Corporate Communications & Citizenship at Entercard.

Ungt Entreprenørskap’s goals

  • For children and teens to develop their creativity, eagerness to create and self-belief
  • Give children and young people an understanding of the importance of value creation and innovation in business
  • Promote team working skills and sense of responsibility of children and young people
  • Provide understanding and knowledge about ethics and rules in business and working life
  • Promote partnerships in local communities between industry, working life and schools
  • Promote cooperation across national borders
  • Inspire future value creation in a social, cultural and economic context

Here are some of the projects in which Entercard is currently involved:


This is a competition for youth entrepreneurs where Entercard colleagues take part in juries and hand out awards. Previous to the GründerExpo, students have developed a product or service through their youth companies. Their companies are then judged on e.g. best opportunities for value creation, best marketing, best cooperation with trade and industry, best exhibition and best website.

Job shadowing day

Every autumn, Entercard organises study visits for teens where they can learn more about our business. A selected group of students gets the opportunity to shadow one Entercard employee each. The aim is to learn about different roles at Entercard, and how a financial company works.

The GründerIdol Finals

Entercard employees take part at the Günderidol Finals as mentors for student startups that have won their regional GründerIdol heats. During a half-day session, the students present their business ideas, and the mentors help them to review, analyse and develop these further into business plans.


Read more about Entercard’s participation in the Gründeridol Finals here.