Difficulties paying on time?

Under our brand ENTERCARD and re:member we offer different products and services related to credit cards and lending. We want to make it easy for our customers to stay on top of their debt. If unforeseen events lead to issues making your payments on time you should contact our customer service center as soon as possible. A small issue can in turn create larger financial troubles if you wait too long to find a solution.

Entercard takes responsible lending seriously and all credit card applicants must go through an individual credit check before an application for a credit card or loan can be approved. However, sometimes unforeseen situations can occur which can cause some customers to be unable to pay their invoice in time.

Avoid payment marks

Customers who do not pay their debt in time will first receive a warning. After that the case will be transferred to a debt collecting agency. If you avoid paying the invoice at that time you are in danger of receiving a mark on your record. A payment mark can make it difficult for you to receive new loans, credits or other subscriptions. It is still important to highlight that even if an invoice makes its way to a debt collecting agency you still have some time to pay the debt before you receive a mark on your record.