11 unusual places you can use a card

Published July 30, 2014

There is an enormous number of places in the world where you can use a credit card. The number of user locations for cards is constantly increasing, and so far there are more than 32 million user locations across the world, everything from the nearest big city to more exotic locations where you never would have believed you could bring your credit card.

Your card can come in handy at the most unbelievable locations, in the ice-cold Antarctic or sunny Bora Bora. Below you will find a list of eleven exotic locations off the beaten track where you can nevertheless use a credit card:

Find out whether there are automated teller machines or user locations where you will be travelling

Here are eleven exotic locations where you can use a credit card:

In Iceland you will find Hafnafjördur, also known as the Land of the Elves. Here you can see a magnificent natural environment, and go on a guided tour where you can learn more about the elves that live in the area.

The Mercantour Alps

Do you want to do something outside the ordinary on holiday? In the Mercantour Alps in Southern France, you can join a donkey trek. You get to see the landscape from the back of a donkey and climb the mountains in a unique way, so long as the donkey accepts your baggage.


Tired of dancing like an Egyptian, and ready instead for a penguin dance? Then you should head for exotic Antarctica, and there are Norwegian tour operators who will take you there. At McMurdo, there are also two automated tellers.

In Transylvania in Romania, you can become better acquainted with Dracula himself and the history of the vampires. This is the perfect place for everyone who loves Dracula, or more modern vampire tales such as the Vampire Diaries and Twilight.


There are enormous areas in Siberia with open landscapes, and the area covers 77 % of Russia. However, it is not completely empty of people, and several interesting restaurants have come into the area in the last few years, for example, at Novosibirsk and Itkursk.


Did you know that Niue is the world’s smallest independent nation? Niue is in Oceania and is the perfect place for you if you think Samoa and Fiji have become too popular. You will also find here a very friendly local population. Niue on Lonely Planet


Are you an adventurer? More and more people are setting their sights on Greenland, and now you can even take the Hurtigruten line here. Discover the Arctic wilderness on the island, which even has its own Disko Bay. According to the film “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”, the airport has two rental cars, where you can use the credit card as a means of payment.


Are you the tough type? Then you should travel to Cali in Colombia. If you dare, they have a so-called social club where they have a game that involves throwing heavy rocks at paper filled with an explosive. Even if it may sound dangerous, Lonely Planet recommends a visit here.

San Marino
The tiny Republic of San Marino is only 61 square kilometres in size and is the oldest sovereign state and constitutional republic in the world. San Marino is located just a short drive from Venice and Florence. If you find yourself in the vicinity, then it is well-suited for a day trip to buy yourself a souvenir or two as proof that you have been there.

Bora Bora
The explorer James Cook called Bora Bora “the pearl of the Pacific”. With its beautiful lagoons and majestic volcanic peaks, Bora Bora is a paradise. Unfortunately, this is an expensive paradise, so a good tip is to bring a little extra money for taxes and a credit card in reserve.

Rothenburg Ob Der Tauber
Travel to the city of Rothenburg Ob Der Tauberand relive the fairy tales you read as a child. This Gothic city in Bavaria was also the backdrop for several scenes in the Harry Potter films. Bring a camera, especially when you go walking through the old city with ancient buildings, cosy small places, towers, fountains and gates.

Exotic and unusual holiday destinations can sometimes cost a little extra. That’s when it is very handy to have travel insurance. If you pay for the trip with a credit card, travel insurance often accompanies the purchase.