8 hot shopping tips for New York

Published August 28, 2014

Bring your girlfriends on a city trip.
It’s a good idea to start planning this autumn’s girls trip early. Who doesn’t dream of a shopping bonanza in the world metropolis of New York? 
With low travel prices, good flight connections and a strong exchange rate, it has never been more tempting to take a shopping trip to New York. This American city is the perfect shopping venue, with both a product range that will exceed your fantasies and short walking distances between shops, hotels and restaurants.

Before departure
There is an enormous range of hotels to choose from in New York. Decide on which places you wish to visit, and where you would like to go shopping. Then you will definitely find a hotel to suit you. 

Big in the Big Apple
The range of shops, markets, shopping centres and outlets is enormous in New York. It can be difficult to know where to find the best buys in the city. 

Here are 8 hot shopping spots you should try:

1) Fifth Avenue:
 This is New York’s most famous shopping street. It has shops to suit all budgets, from up-scale Gucci and Fendi to less expensive chains like H&M, Zara and Victoria’s Secret.

2) Soho: Broadway has the most popular chain stores and a good selection of cafés and restaurants when you need a breather between shops. If you are looking for more exclusive shops, you will also find quaint boutiques in this neighbourhood, for example in Prince Street.

3) Large department stores: Do you prefer to have all the shops gathered under one roof? New York has very large department stores, packed with well-known designer brands from around the world. The department store Bergdorf Goodman is luxurious, while Bloomingdales and Saks have some high-end products and a good selection of well-known brands. You will also find the renowned Forty Carrots Café here. Macy’s is the department store with the most reasonable prices, and best of all: there is almost always a sale on!

4) East Village: If you are looking for cool and individual finds and if you enjoy looking around vintage shops, then this is the place for you. There are almost no chain stores in this area. Instead, you will find many fun boutiques, budding designers and second hand shops. You will need some time to walk around this area to find your favourite shops, since they are not lined up as on 5th Avenue.

5) Limelight Marketplace: In the Chelsea neighbourhood you will find an old church, which has also been a nightclub. Now it is filled with clothing, accessories, décor and restaurants. This is a venue that is easy to miss if you don’t know where to look.

6) The Market NYC: This is the place to go to find special clothing and jewellery that no one else has. This is where “up & coming” designers sell their creations. Remember that the market is only open from Friday to Sunday. 

7) Sephora on Times Square: This is a great place to find everything you need in the area of cosmetics and beauty products, and many brands that are not available in Norway. Remember to take your time, because the selection is vast. Fortunately, the shop on Times Square is open until midnight every day. 

8) Large outlets: The area around New York has a large number of enormous outlets, where you can find great bargains on brands like Ralph Lauren, Levis, Nike, Michael Kors, Prada, Gucci and Converse. At Woodbury Common Premium Outlets, which is located an hour’s drive from Manhattan, you can easily spend a whole day in their 220 shops! An alternative is the Outlet Collection in New Jersey, which is also one hour away by bus from Manhattan. 

PS: Remember to pay for the items on your shopping trip by credit card. When you are abroad, the most secure form of payment is by credi