Development opportunities at Entercard

Published April 17, 2018

Twice a year, Entercard`s CEO brings together all leaders in the group. The management events are important meeting points to discuss our strategy, leadership and key strategic deliverables.

Strengthening our leadership community is vital to achieve our ambitious targets. After those two days, our leaders go back to their teams, anchor the key messages, and execute our plans.

At this spring’s management event, ten new leaders participated, a majority of them are recruited internally from our own organisation.

– Our employees are ambitious and conscious about their careers, so internal recruitment at all levels is an important priority. More than 50% of all recruits during 2017 were internal recruits, says Freddy Syversen, CEO, Entercard Group.

– Knowledge build and transfer across the organisation is an important driver for innovation, digitalisation and identification of new business opportunities in a rapidly changing industry. Internal moves as well as continuous learning and change orientation builds the capabilities of our employees, secures retention and strengthens Entercard’s competitive advantage, says Syversen.