Entercard beats Microsoft – Dmitrijs tops the ranking against Magnus Carlsen

Published May 12, 2015

Dmitrijs Lukasevics from Entercard’s Stockholm office won the internal Entercard chess finals and met Magnus Carlsen for a match of blitz chess in TV2s studio last night. The 25 year old talent from Finance has worked for Entercard since January and had nerves of ice as he entered the studio on Karl Johan in Oslo and was actually able to keep up against the world champion for 17 seconds. That is a new world record and 4 seconds longer than Bill Gates. The match was a part of Entercard’s sponsorship and cooperation with The Norwegian Chess Federation and Magnus Carlsen’s top tournament: Entercard Chess Qualifier.

“I think it is great that Entercard supports and promotes chess. Based on my own experience, I know how chess can help you to improve numerous skills. For example, analytical thinking, time management, strategic and logical thinking. Playing chess, you become very good with numbers and calculations, which is very significant in my career. Working as an Investment Analyst, it is important to be able to analyze complex models, do various calculations and forecast different scenarios”, says Dmitrijs Lukasevics.

Dimitrijs continues with: “However, it seems that playing chess at Entercard not only allows you to build a strong fundament for analytical skills and other skills, but also may give you a chance to play against the world champion and participate in a live TV-show. I enjoyed my game with Magnus a lot. Although it was a relatively short game, I managed to see how good he is in action. I am happy that I had an opportunity to shake hands with him and see how good I am in comparison to the world champion. It was definitely a very memorable moment in my life”.