Entercard sponsors top Scandinavian chess tournament

Published March 25, 2015

Entercard Scandinavian Chess Masters May 11th – 16th, 2015

The Scandinavian finance company Entercard is the main sponsor for the new tournament where the best Scandinavian players will compete for the last open spot in the Norway Chess 2015. The sponsorship agreement was signed with the Norwegian Chess Federation who is also the organizer of the tournament.

Entercard Scandinavian Chess Masters will be carried out from May 11. – till May 16. in Oslo.

– Entercard is a company that is dependent upon analytical expertise. In order for us to create a competitive business in the future, Scandinavia needs young people with analytical skills. Through Entercard Scandinavian Chess Masters we will see analytical skills performed at a high level, says Freddy Syversen, CEO of Entercard Group.

Magnus Carlsen, who is already qualified for the Norway Chess 2015, will act as a commentator for this tournament.

Entercard has a close relationship with The Norwegian Chess Federation through the social responsibility work (CSR) Entercard engages in. Through this partnership, The Norwegian Chess Federation helps teach chess to Entercard employees, so that the employees can teach chess in the post-school programs in schools.

Entercard will use the Entercard Scandinavian Chess Master sponsorship to let some of the school children meet Magnus Carlsen and other top players during the tournament.

– The Norwegian Chess Federation welcomes the chance this tournament gives Norwegian and Scandinavian players to play among the world’s strongest players. Entercard contributes by being the main sponsor of this tournament, says Jøran Aulin-Jansson, President of The Norwegian Chess Federation.

Here is the preliminary list of players who will compete for the last open spot in Norway Chess 2015:
Norway: Aryan Tari, Jon Ludvig Hammer and Simen Agdestein
Denmark: Kurt Hansen
Sweden: Nils Grandelius
In addition to these players The Norwegian Chess Federation will nominate one additional young player.