Entercard supports female analytical talent by hosting Nordic Queens

Published November 21, 2016

On November 18th, Entercard welcomed 22 young female chess talents from Sweden and Norway to the Stockholm office. The chess talents were greeted by Entercard and spent the afternoon playing a simultaneous game against International Chess Grand Master Pia Cramling.

The chess talents are part of the initiative Nordic Queens – a project supported by the European university organisation ERASMUS in order for young female chess players to meet across borders to build their talents, but also to gain confidence to compete and take on leader roles.

Entercard has supported Nordic Queens since the start of the year by hosting them and letting them use our premises to meet and play chess. In February this year, Nordic Queens visited Entercard’s Oslo office to learn about Entercard and the business, meet Entercard employees, and play chess.

“Entercard’s citizenship strategy is to use our strengths to support others. Nordic Queens is one of the initiatives that we have chosen to be involved in this year. Chess has a proven record of fostering analytical thinking, which is a key competence in our industry. By supporting Nordic Queens, we invest in female analytical talent and promote analytical thinking in the next generation of professionals”, says Melita Ringvold, Department Manager for Communication and Citizenship at Entercard.