Extra efforts for customers with payment problems

Published April 29, 2020

Many of our customers need some extra help during these days. In recent months, we have worked intensively to ensure that our customers can continue to use our products. To help our customers with payment problems, we have increased the flexibility around payment-free months, among other things. Our department for customer support does its utmost to provide customised help to our customers who experience payment problems, through adjustments to the payment terms. The department has ensured that employees are available to support our customers with these issues. We have sent out a reminder to all of our customers who have loan and payment insurance, as this insurance can be of help to those who have temporarily lost their employment.

We have also reorganised our Customer Operation department so that employees can serve customers both from home and from Entercard’s offices. The reorganisation has been successful, and we have no queues on the lines and we have received good feedback in our customer surveys.

Here you will find an article describing how our department for customer support (Collection Operation department) works.