​Henning Holtan appointed as new Managing Director for Entercard Norway AS

Published February 5, 2013

Entercard Norway has appointed Henning Holtan as the new Managing Director (MD). Henning joins us from Nordea Bank Group, and will have the responsibility for Entercard Norway.

“We are fortunate and greatly pleased to have Henning joining us. Henning has vast experience from the card industry and I trust Henning has the leadership skills it take to create growth and good results in the years to come”, says Freddy Syversen, CEO of Entercard Group.

“I am very happy to be joining Entercard, in particular during this time of big changes within our industry. The company has delivered strong performances and results along the years, and is well positioned to continue that going forward. But with the outlook of decreased interchange, higher cost of capital and rapid development of new technology within payments, we need to continually improve. To me, business is a team sport. Strong individual performance is important, but working together as a team is absolutely essential. Together I am confident we will continue to strengthen Entercard, that we will adapt to the industry changes, by moving swift and with focus, and make them to our advantage”, says Henning Holtan, MD Entercard Norway.

Henning Holtan has a strong background from the card business. He currently holds the role as Senior Vice President & Head of operations and Infrastructure (issuing and acquiring), and Deputy Head of Cards for Nordea Bank Group, and is a Board member of Visa Norge Bankgruppe and VISA Europe Ltd. He holds his current role since 2012. Henning has also been responsible for product development, management, marketing and sales of the portfolio of card products for the consumer market across debit-, credit- and co-branded cards. His prior experience comes from Nordea Bank, where he was in the area of electronic banking, and from Deloitte Consulting. Henning is 41 years old and lives with his family in Oslo.