Increase your chances of receiving your money back with credit card

Published October 28, 2020

We have all seen the headlines, or been affected ourselves with cancelled trips and absent refunds during the pandemic. Although, there is an easy way to increase your chances to receive a refund if anything would happen.

When using a credit card instead of a regular debit card you are making sure that you will protect your transaction if the company you ordered a service or a product from fails to deliver or goes bankrupt. Our customer services are more than happy to help you deal with your refund if that would be the case. An additional travel- and purchase insurance is usually included in most of the credit card agreements that will make your purchases safer.

During the pandemic, we have received plenty of refund inquiries from customers when trips where cancelled. David Andersson, a customer within LO Mervärde in Sweden had bought a trip with the credit card Handelskortet Mastercard. After trying himself to get in contact with the airline company that cancelled his trip, he reached out to us.

-We had to show that we had been trying to contact the airline and that we had not received any refund, then Entercard continued the process for us. After a week, we received a refund to our account. The process was much easier than we thought it would be, says David.

Fraud is usually detected before you notice

Entercard continuously work against fraud, both online and in stores around the world. An example of this is our unique security system that controls and compare every transaction made. The system can therefore easily detect deviations and sets of an alarm before the customer notice them. It could be a transaction drawn from your card from multiple places in the world at the same time. The customer gets a notice directly via SMS and has to verify the transactions. If the customer does not recognise the transactions, our security experts will reach out and provide further assistance. 

It is still very important that the customer report all uncertainties to Entercard and block the card with suspicion of crime or if the card is lost.