Inspiring to take corporate social responsibility

Published December 7, 2018

Entercard is a finance company who wish to take responsibility, individually and collectively. Our colleagues are encouraged not only to focus on income for the company, but also to use their knowledge to help others. We have spoken with two of the facilitators of Entercard`s CSR work, Marita Nordli, Consultant and Melita Ringvold, Head of Corporate Communications and Citizenship.

– I keep in touch with the company’s partners in Oslo, motivate my colleagues and ensure that we have enough volunteers for the activities we organize. It has been inspiring to work as one of the coordinators in Entercard`s Citizenship Forum. I have done it for three and a half year now, first in Trondheim when I worked there, and now in Oslo. Local activities in Stockholm and Copenhagen have been arranged by other citizenship coordinators, says Marita.

The Citizenship Forum
The forum consists of employees from various functions. A member of the citizenship forum shall contribute to the endorsed citizenship framework and support the practical implementation of the activities.
– Our goal is to exchange ideas to create different activities for Entercard`s employees, and the forum is happy to get input, says Melita.
Gives more than it takes
– Working with corporate social responsibility is valuable and broadens your perspective. Through my voluntary work, I have also developed my skills as a project leader and coordinator, adds Marita.

To take responsibility
Working with citizenship means that the company gives back to the society. Entercard contributes to various social initiatives, with a particular focus on young people, which we develop either on our own or in collaboration with our partners. In that way, employees can attend and engage youths in local areas.

Popular activities in Oslo
Last year, our employees donated clothes to children. We also participated in an activity called “Barnas stasjon” and “Min jul” in collaboration with Blå kors in Oslo.

– “Barnas stasjon” and “Min jul” was very popular among our employees. This event happened before Christmas Eve. We arranged Christmas workshops, collected gifts to give children and served Christmas porridge. I hope we can arrange the same activity this year, says Marita.
Some of our employees have also engaged as “Tidgivere” in a project called “Steg for Steg”. This is a follow-up offer for adults who wish to take part in the society after being in a difficult phase with different types of addiction.
Nordli explains that knitting scarves in collaboration with Kirkens Bymisjon has been very popular among our employees.

– Additionally Entercard has been involved in “Job shadowing” projects with “Ungt Entreprenørskap” and organized chess classes in cooperation with Scandinavian Chess Federations, says Melita.
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