New perspectives through volunteering at Blue Cross in Oslo

Published December 7, 2018

Entercard, engage in citizenship projects by using our strengths to support others. Through Entercard`s collaboration with Blue Cross in Oslo some of our employees have volunteered as “tidgivere” in a project called “Steg for steg”. Through this project, they get new perspectives through meeting persons with different challenges regularly over a longer period. We have talked with Dag Bjanes, Department Manager for Card Operations, about his experiences as “tidgiver”.

Why did you become a “tidgiver”?
– I had a desire to help others, we are very lucky to live in Norway and have all the privileges we have. However, some have come out on a wrong path in this country as well.
There are so many good initiatives and charity projects competing. I support Redd Barna, and I have been visiting a child in Kenya that I supported through Plan Norge, but the good thing about being a “tidgiver” is that you can make a difference directly for another person.

What does it mean to be a “tidgiver”?
– Through Entercard`s agreement with Blue Cross, I have established a relationship with a person who wants help. The premise is that the person himself should have asked for it. Blue Cross then tries to match the user with an appropriate “tidgiver”.
As a “tidgiver”, a relationship is created with a person. You become friends. We do things together, and I help him with different practical things. I have followed him to Ikea, assisted with application writing and fitted furniture when he got a new apartment.

What is challenging?
– I have a bad conscience because I could have contacted him more often. It varies a little how much he contacts me depending on his condition. Today, it is nice to see how good things have worked out for him, he is really proceeding in his life.

What does it give you to be a “tidgiver”?
– You get to know another person, and you get some new perspectives – we can talk about everything. We have become close, like friends.