The creativity was flowering on Gründeridol for youth companies

Published December 10, 2018

On Friday November 30th, the final of Ungt Entreprenørskaps Gründeridol for for youth companies in Akershus was arranged. Carl Michelet, Thanh Fleischer, Fawad Hussain and Anne-Line Aaslund from Entercard contributed as mentors together with employees from Telenor and Kjeller Innovasjon. The ideas was flowering, so this was fun and educational both for the students and representatives from the business world.

Youth companies gives pupils in high school experience from startups. During a year they establish and run a youth company registered in Brønnøysund through Ungt Entreprenørskap’s registration module. Some of the goals are to strengthen the students capacities in creativity, cooperation, networking and problem solution. Gründeridol is an oxygen test completed in the middle of the school year, where four youth companies are connected with mentors.

As mentors, Entercard’s employees contributed with evaluation of the students business plans and gave them advice on how they could develop their business idea further related to market, product, economy and uniqueness. The young students was especially engaged in sustainability, nature, social entrepreneurship, health and security. They presented good ideas when it came to urban agriculture, increased awareness about sustainable development, fire security and health technology.

Entercard has chosen to cooperate with Ungt Entreprenørskap because it motivates youth to develop their ideas and coping skills. The cooperation is a win-win situation where the students learn about the business world at the same time as we learn what youth and future workers s are concerned about.

The students at Gründeridol was well prepared, and held very exciting presentations. During the day, the mentors helped them step further in the process. Some needed help to pinpoint their vision and business strategy, while others was finished developing prototypes and needed advice on economy, market and commercialization.

– Gründeridol is a fun and important arena for stimulating ideas and dreams. I am grateful for getting up on behalf of Entercard to help the young entrepreneurs come a step closer to their goal. A mentor workshop like this, is something I will recommend my colleagues to attend, says Carl Michelet, Financial Analyst at Entercard.