«The future belongs to the responsible companies»

Published June 6, 2016

– From responsible lending to social initiative helping youth. For Entercard, as a credit card company, it is essential that we are responsible. This contributes to our success. Strong and healthy values attract both partners and new talent, says Chief Development Officer, Carina Björkefors.


These words summarize Entercard’s values, a company that provides consumer credit both in collaboration with various partners and under its own brand. A visit to the office in Stockholm shows that the values are not only three words written in company policy; energy and passion are seen in every employee you meet.

– There is a lot of engagement at Entercard. This is visible in everything we do. You can see it in the innovative and tailor-made solutions we develop for our partners and customers and the desire we have to give back to the community, says Carina Björkefors, Chief Development Officer Entercard.

Entercard’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) work focuses on the local community and youth.

– We do not work with CSR to primarily provide financial support, we also offer our skills and labor, says Carina Björkefors. Yes2Chess is a project at Entercard where we give children the possibility to learn chess during and after school. Employees are also engaged in activities at Fryshuset in Stockholm.Those activities can be football tournaments, baking cakes and acting as mentors to young people.

– There is a common fellowship in our CSR work. Often employees will suggest activities and we will implement them together, says Ted Solomon, Digital Analyst. The company’s values and the CSR work at Entercard were two important factors that attracted Ted.

– I wanted to work at a place that shared my values. I wanted to be proud of my employer, says Ted Solomon.

Even Entercard’s partners appreciates these values.

– During the recent years, we have noticed that CSR work has become more and more important. Companies want a partner who shares the same values, says Lisa Andersson, Senior Business Developer.

Carina Björkefors confirms that this plays an important role in Entercard’s success:

– Strong and healthy values attract both partners and new, talented employees. It is important to a successful company to be able to give back to the society. Another way of being responsible is through Entercard’s responsible lending. We try to use our analytical competence in a smart way so that we can help our partners develop the right offers. We have a strong and competent digital analytics department and love working with new innovative solutions, says Ted Solomon.

Entercard is also a safe and credible partner with a strong foundation in their owners, Barclays Bank and Swedbank.

– While we have security in our owners, we are a company with an entrepreneurial spirit that makes us even more flexible and innovative. It is simply the best of both worlds, concludes Lisa Andersson.