Entercard enters 2021 with a modernised logo and updated spelling

Published January 7, 2021

Entercard enters 2021 with an updated logo, color and spelling of the company name. Entercard has owned and registered the trademark rights for the Entercard name and logo since the very beginning of our joint venture in 2005. We now see the need to safeguard and update our logo and color palette so that it is easier to use on digital formats.

Entercard have also decided to move away from the capital “C” in the middle of the name. Entercard as a name will be spelled with a capital E in running text even if the logo is in only small letters. Since the changes are minor, the modernisation of the logo will not require a large scale change program, but will be set into effect gradually starting from January 5. 2021.

-We need to update and continuously improve, not only our processes and products in line with the market and current trends, but also our logo and trademarks. I believe our new logo makes us better prepared for the future, says CEO Freddy Syversen.

Along with the logo modernisation we have also updated Entercard’s color palette. We will move away from the conservative dark blue and introduce a fresher blue that is easier to adapt to digital formats.