BankID and passwords

To make credit card payments even more secure, you should make use of the MasterCard® SecureCodeTM or Verified by Visa (depending on what type of card you have). Look for these symbols when shopping online:

When using these secure payment solutions, you use a personal password or BankID. This is to hinder credit card fraud online. Online stores offering these solutions will inform you about it in the purchasing process.

Register your card for safer online shopping

To use this solution, you need to register your card. You are able to do this when you are shopping in an online store marked with MasterCard SecureCode or Verified by Visa. You will be sent a one-time password to your phone number or e-mail address saved in our customer database. You will get new one-time passwords each time you make a purchase.

How to block your card for online payments?

If you wish to block your card from online payments, you can contact our customer service. Be aware that if you block online purchases, you also block services like Spotify, Netflix and more. If you want to open your card to online purchases on a later date, contact customer service again to unblock the card.