Phishing via e-mail

There are several types of fraud via e-mail, so-called phishing. We encourage our customers to be attentive to these types of scams. There are mainly two types of phishing you can be exposed to.

Alternative one is e-mails designed to look like they are sent from a legitimate company or organisation, but with a fake sender. A fake e-mail may look like this:


The sender’s intention is to trick you into giving out personal or financial information like username, password, social security number, card number or bank account number. It may also ask you to press a link. This may lead to a fake website, which can look a lot like a company’s real website. If you have given out personal information in such an attempt, please call us on tel +47 73 89 77 97.

The other alternative is e-mails containing some type of marketing scam and a link to a company website. If you press this link, it may install a program on your computer without you knowing about it, a so-called ‘trojan’. After installing the program, it collects personal information like usernames and passwords from your device.