Protection against fraud- our tips

Here you can find our best tips to protect yourself from fraud. It is important to consider how you communicate, protect your digital devices and navigate the web.

  • Do not reply e-mails asking you to give out sensitive information
  • Never click a link sent to you from an e-mail address you suspect might have a fake sender or from a sender you are not familiar with
  • Always use a secure connection to the web server when you are filling in personal information on a website
  • To check if the connection is secure, look in the web address or URL. If it starts with “https”, it is most likely secure.
  • You can also check if there is a lock symbol before or after the web address. This indicates that the website is secure.
  • Check the website thoroughly. If in doubt, do not give out personal information. If you think your personal data is compromised, you should act immediately.
  • Always use an anti-virus program and firewall. Update these programs continuously.
  • Do not forget that your operating system and your web browser needs to be updated continuously for your device to be fully protected.