Identification in our channels

Entercard works continuously to improve processes and routines to handle and protect your information in a safe way. We have established a comprehensive framework to identify and handle risks and threats so that you can always feel safe.

Application form

To sign an electronic application form, you must use BankID or BankID for mobile. BankID is an online identification that makes it possible for us to identify and sign agreements with customers online. Contact your bank or log into your netbank to get BankID or BankID for mobile if you do not already have it.


To log into your netbank, you need to identify yourself using BankID or BankID for mobile.


To log into one of our apps, you must identify yourself. The first time you activate an app you need to log in with your BankID or BankID for mobile. You then create a PIN-code or you can choose to activate login with Touch or Face ID.

More and more apps are making it possible to login with you fingerprint. It is important to be aware that all fingerprints registered on your device can be used as identification. For example, family members registered on your device may log into all your apps and services using their fingerprint.

Secure identification for credit card use online

To make a payment with a credit card from Entercard is even safer when you use MasterCard SecureCodeTM or Verified by Visa (depending on which card you have). This secure payment solution entails receiving a one-time password through either SMS or e-mail. You need to use the one time password for an internet payment to go through.