Push Payments Fraud Next Battleground

​Use of real-time payments is one of the most dangerous trends in fraud, including so-called authorized push payment fraud. Criminals trick consumers into authorizing a payment of a fake invoice or unwittingly sending an SMS that triggers a payment.

​Fights Fraud with New Analytics

Criminals utilize new technology and new schemes to commit payment fraud. Therefore, banks and card issuers must be even more sophisticated and use the latest analytic innovations to fight fraud.

Payment fraud is on the rise: EnterCard catches 8 out of 10, before it comes to the customer’s attention

Payment fraud is a pressing issue as criminals increase their level of sophistication and use of technology. New security solutions expose more than 8 out of 10 attempts, even before the fraud comes to the customer’s attention.

EnterCard Doubles Fraud Detection Using FICO Machine Learning

Scandinavian finance leader wins FICO® Decisions Award for Fraud Control using the FICO® Falcon® Platform Cloud Edition.

EnterCard met with young entrepreneurs in Akershus

In the end of January, EnterCard met young entrepreneurs at the Youth Entrepreneurship (Ungt Entreprenørskap) Local Championships. Four EnterCard employees were in the juries, and the students competed for prizes such as the Sustainability Award, Best Sales Team and Best HR. This is part of EnterCard’s work with citizenship where we seek to support young talents by using our competence.

EnterCard and Coop Sweden enter a new partnership

EnterCard Group AB and Coop Sweden AB have entered into a partnership agreement where EnterCard, as new credit provider, will provide credit cards to Coop’s Swedish members. The new partnership means that Coop’s credit cards will be upgraded with several new features and services in March this year.