Entercard enters 2021 with a modernised logo and updated spelling

Entercard enters 2021 with an updated logo, color and spelling of the company name. Entercard has owned and registered the trademark rights for the Entercard name and logo since the very beginning of our joint venture in 2005. We now see the need to safeguard and update our logo and color palette so that it is easier to use on digital formats.

Entercard Brings Apple Pay to customers

December 8, 2020 - Entercard, today brings all its Scandinavian customers with a re:member card Apple Pay, a safer, more secure and private way to pay that helps customers avoid handing their payment card to someone else, touching physical buttons or exchanging cash — and uses the power of iPhone to protect every transaction.

Entercard’s tips for safe shopping during Black Week and Cyber Monday

Black Week and Cyber Monday are notable days for shopping that has become a time for special offers and gift shopping. If you come across a great bargain, you can always make safe payments using our cards – especially if you are attentive and take some precautions. Here are some tips to safely shop online.

Increase your chances of receiving your money back with credit card

​We have all seen the headlines, or been affected ourselves with cancelled trips and absent refunds during the pandemic. Although, there is an easy way to increase your chances to receive a refund if anything would happen.

myTrailhead – a new learning experience that helps us take better care of our customers

​Before summer, Entercard took another step in our digital journey by launching myTrailhead – an online learning experience platform for our customer-facing teams.

Entercard’s customers are increasing their use of contactless payments

​Entercard’s customers in the Scandinavian market are increasing their use of contactless payments. Even though the growth has risen steadily over time, statistics from Entercard shows that their customers’ habits of paying changed in the time after Covid-19 broke out in March.