Norway introduces a credit information register - how it works

Since 2009, household debt in Norway has according to Statistics Norway increased by nearly NOK 1,500 billion, and a Lindorff report states that one in seventeen Norwegians has non-payment records. In order to counter the trend toward excess debt, Norway is introducing the credit information register.

The best advice from EnterCard’s anti-fraud experts

Many people pay by credit card during their vacation. EnterCard’s experts on fraud has gathered their best advice. Credit card is a safe payment method, but in order avoid any problems we recommend being more observant in certain situations.

Responsible lending – our social responsibility

Responsible lending means offering the right terms of credit to the right customer. – We are able to do this based on our thorough processes and frameworks, says Andrew Karmy, Chief Credit Officer at EnterCard Group.

Push Payments Fraud Next Battleground

​Use of real-time payments is one of the most dangerous trends in fraud, including so-called authorized push payment fraud. Criminals trick consumers into authorizing a payment of a fake invoice or unwittingly sending an SMS that triggers a payment.

​Fights Fraud with New Analytics

Criminals utilize new technology and new schemes to commit payment fraud. Therefore, banks and card issuers must be even more sophisticated and use the latest analytic innovations to fight fraud.

Payment fraud is on the rise: EnterCard catches 8 out of 10, before it comes to the customer’s attention

Payment fraud is a pressing issue as criminals increase their level of sophistication and use of technology. New security solutions expose more than 8 out of 10 attempts, even before the fraud comes to the customer’s attention.