Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay is a secure and contactless way of making payments for customers with a supported Samsung device. Connect your Entercard-product to Samsung Pay and experience the benefits of a digital wallet. Samsung Pay is currently available to customers in Sweden with a supported Entercard-product.


Samsung pay – your digital wallet for Samsung

Samsung Pay is a safe and easy way of paying by phone, and is supported at most stores that accepts card payment. Your digital wallet for Samsung gives you the flexibility and security without bringing carrying your card with you.

Add your Entercard-product to Samsung Pay to get the simplicity of Samsung Pay and the rewards of your card.


How to get started with Samsung Pay

You must have a compatible Samsung device to start using Samsung Pay.

  • Open the Samsung Pay app
  • Register your fingerprint or your iris and a PIN
  • Scan your card using the camera on your phone or choose “Add by NFC” and tap your card towards the back of your phone to automatically register connect your card to Samsung Pay.


How to Pay with your Samsung Watch.

  • Press and hold the ‘back’ button on your watch to open Samsung Pay
  • Swipe or rotate the bezel ring to switch between cards
  • Tap pay to choose card
  • Hold your watch close to the symbol for contactless payment to make a payment