How we work with security

Our responsibility

Our most important responsibility is to protect your personal information. Our safety routines and guidelines help us secure that this information is not available to anyone. We protect your information by using established safety standards and routines.

Safe processes and systems

We work constantly to improve our processes and routines to handle and secure your information. Companies like Entercard faces many threats, from fraud to scammers, theft and online crime. We do our best to make sure that you as a customer is not affected negatively by these threats.

When we develop our systems and services, we always focus on safety. This means that all our solutions go through quality checks where we make sure the information is as safe as possible and that we meet all rules and regulations. Our systems are tested and controlled to ensure all risks are accounted for.

High competence

Keeping our security on a high level would never be possible without competent employees. We have high demands from both employees and external resources, who have to be certified annually on topics such as information security, information handling and fraud.

Integrity and privacy

Your trust is important to us, and builds the foundation of our business. You can trust that we respect and protect your personal integrity. This protection is maintained by handling your information responsibly. We follow regulations regarding privacy, which means that we do not use or forward any information to third parties not approved by you as a customer. We take necessary steps to protect customer data from unauthorized access, both when external suppliers and we handle your data. This also applies to our staff, leaders and companies with which we collaborate. If we give out customer information to the authorities, it is because of law or regulations.

Fraud surveillance

Whether you are shopping in a store, online, at home or abroad, it is safe to pay with a credit card from Entercard. We have one of the market’s most modern security systems for card payments. Read more about what we do to fight fraud.

Blocking credit cards for specific stores

Entercard can block your credit card for purchases in specific stores through Mastercard’s systems. In Norway, all cards are blocked from gambling sites.