Digital security

As a credit card company, we have a major responsibility when it comes to your digital security. We continuously work to secure your personal information. We do this by sharing information on how you can be as safe as possible when using digital devices. In addition, we use advanced security systems.

We run tests and updates to our systems to secure that the information in our systems are always protected. When you as a customer use our netbank, the information transfer between your system and ours, is encrypted.

By focusing on advanced security systems, we are handling a big part of the job. However, the most important part is the collaboration between you and us. When you are taking personal security seriously, we can make sure that your information is optimally protected. Therefore, we take the responsibility of communicating information on fraud and digital protection very seriously.

One of our encouragements to you as a customer is to treat your PC, tablet and phone as valuables containing very sensitive information, the same way you treat your keys and wallet. It is important to ensure that no one else than you have access to these digital valuables. It is equally important to be critical to what you download and to have anti-virus programs installed on your PC. You can find more information on topics like software, how to surf the web safely, secure passwords and wireless networks here in our digital security section.