Apple Pay

Apple Pay is a secure and contactless way to pay for you who have an iPhone or other compatible Apple device. Use your supported Entercard-product through Apple Pay and experience the benefits of a digital wallet.

How to get started with Apple Pay

To be able to use Apple Pay, you need to have an iPhone 6 or later.

– Go to the Wallet app on your iPhone, press the “+” symbol and follow the instructions
– Scan your card and enter the CVC code. You can also add the card manually
– Approve the agreement and verify the card by pressing ‘next’
– You will receive a verification code via SMS
– You are ready to pay with Apple Pay

You can add your card to Apple Pay through the app for your card. If your card supports Apple Pay, you will see ‘Add to Apple Pay’ in the card overview. It is important that your correct phone number is registered with us. You can update your phone number through the app or in the netbank.

Apple Pay and privacy security

When you pay with Apple Pay, you can be sure that your privacy is taken care of. Apple Pay use a number that is specific to your device and a unique code for each transaction. Your card information is not stored on your device or on Apple servers and is not shared with third parties. Apple Pay does not store information that can be directly linked to you as an individual.

How to pay with Apple Pay

Apple Pay works at payment terminals that support contactless payment. This applies to stores, online and in apps on your Apple device. To see if the store supports contactless payment, look for one of these symbols when shopping:

Face ID

Double-click at the side button on the iPhone, look at the screen to identify with Face ID and then hold the phone next to the payment terminal. You can also identify yourself by enter your code.

Touch ID

If you have an iPhone 6, 7 or 8, you must approve the payment with Touch ID. Hold the iPhone near the payment terminal with your finger on the fingerprint sensor.

Apple Watch

To pay with Apple Watch, press the side button twice and hold your watch next to a contactless payment terminal. The transaction is approved when you feel the clock vibrate.