Consumer info

In order to make credit cards and consumer loans as easy as possible to understand, we have gathered the most important information about our ENTERCARD-products and -services and our best tips and advice here.

Credit cards

Credit cards are a secure and flexible method of payment.

Consumer loans

Consumer loans are unsecured loans, which means that no asset is needed as security for the loan.

Credit card or consumer loan?

Credit cards and consumer loans are two different ways of borrowing money. What works for you?

Difficulties paying on time?

We want to make it easy for our customers to stay on top of their debt.

Responsible lending

Is it important for us to take care of our customers. Read about how we work with responsible lending.

Safe credit card use

It is important that you handle your credit card in a safe manner. Here are our best tips.

Fraud and scams

Credit cards are a safe method to pay, but there is always a risks for fraud and scams.

Safe use of credit cards online

Lower the risks online by a safe and secure behaviour.

Credit card usage abroad

Bring your credit card when you travel. Not only is it easy and simple, but also a secure form of payment.