Consent – what it means to you

In order to send you offers and information, we need to have your consent. This allows us to know which channels you want to be contacted through and what kind of information you wish to receive from us. Here you can read more about what a statement of consent means to you.

Where and when do you give your consent?

We ask for your consent when you apply for a card or loan with us, either online or through an application form you have received by mail. You give your consent by actively ticking boxes where we ask if you wish to receive information and offers. We never pre-tick these boxes; it is you who decides whether or not to give your consent.

For what do we ask consent?

We ask for consent to send you offers and information that are in line with our marketing. Here you can choose to tick the boxes:

‘Yes, I would like to receive promotions and newsletters via SMS and email’.

We also ask for consent to send you information. We ask you to tick the box:

‘Yes, I wish to receive important information about changes that affect me via SMS and email’.

How can you update your statements of consent?

You may modify and revoke your consent under ‘Mine Sider’ (‘My Pages’) in your internet banking homepage, or by contacting our customer service centre.

What happens if you revoke one or more statements of consent?

If you alter your consent in ‘Mine Sider’ (My Pages) in your internet banking homepage or via customer service, this information will be updated the following day. You may choose whether you do not wish to receive specific information or offers, and whether there are specific channels through which you do not wish to receive information. For example, you may revoke your consent to receive emails with promotional offers from us. The next time we send out promotions to our customers via email, you will no longer receive these promotional offers. Because certain promotional campaigns have a production time of up to 14 days, you may receive offers for a limited time period after you have opted out.

You can also opt out of receiving all types of offers and information. Then you will only receive information that we are required to provide.

Our partners

Our partners’ customers may be potential customers for us. Our partners are thus responsible for passing along information to us about who has agreed to receive information and who has not. If you have received offers that you did not wish to receive that were sent on behalf of one of our partners, please contact the partner in question in order to revoke your consent.