Responsible lending

Entercard use proven methods and customer data which enable us to offer a personalized credit limit to each individual. We do not grant credit to people with payment marks or those under aged. Our customers also need to have solid income in order to be granted a card or a loan.

Before we approve an application we have to ensure that the applicant can handle having credit in a responsible manner. We always do an individual credit check so that our customers can feel secure that they receive a loan or a credit they can afford and handle.

As a responsible lender Entercard secures among others:

  • Offer correct credit limits to the right customer
  • Transparency around the communication of our products, terms, interests and fees
  • Perform a collated credit check on all applicants
  • Offer payment plans if need be

A responsible credit taker:

  • Does not borrow more money than necessary
  • Stays informed regarding the information connected to the loan or credit
  • Makes payments in time
  • Always intend to pay back
  • Makes contact as soon as he/she has issues making a payment on time

Lower the credit limit

If customers wish to lower their credit limit, they can contact our customer service.