Safe use of credit cards online

Online shopping is both easy and convenient. With only a few clicks your can have merchandize delivered straight to your home. However, when shopping online many do not consider that the choice of payment is also a choice of security. If you chose to pay with your credit card you can easily contact the card issuer if you do not receive the merchandize ordered. Additionally you do not need to expose your debit card as your credit and debit card is not connected.

How do you use your credit card in a safe manner online?

  • Check that the online store is serious and trustworthy. Do some research and check what others say about the store. Check that it is mentioned in several different forums and that it provides contact information. A serious merchant is not afraid to be contacted.
  • If you are unsure if the store is a serious merchant, call or email their customer service center. If there is no response, consider using a different merchant.
  • Compare prices in several stores. Services such as compare prices in several stores for you.
  • Be cautious with special offers that seem too good to be true. Unusually good offers tend to be a trick scammers use to extract personal information.
  • Don’t give out more information than you need. This minimizes your chance of being tricked.
  • Check the final amount before you pay. Some stores add an extra charge or shipping cost.
  • Before you pay make sure you are on a secure payment site. Look for the https in front of the internet address (url) and the padlock sign. If you see both those items then the payment information you send is encrypted.
  • If you discover irregular activity on your account, contact our customer service center.