Google Pay

Google Pay is a fast, simple way to pay with your phone. After you add our card to your Google Wallet, you can pay in stores, online and in apps where you see any of these symbols: 

How to set up my card for Google Wallet?  

Press here to see which devices supports Google Pay. 

Google Pay is not available on iOS.  

On your products device:  

Make sure you have the lates version of the app. 

  1. Open your products app, and click on your card.  
  2. Press “Digital Wallets”, and then “Add to wallet”.  
  3. Follow the instructions. 

In the Google Wallet app:
On your phone: 

  1. Download the Google Wallet app   from Google Play. 
  2. Open the Google Wallet app, tap Add to Wallet and scan your card or enter details manually. 
  3. Follow the instructions and verify your card. 

On your watch 

  1. Open the Google Pay app on your watch. 
  2. Tap “Get started”. 
  3. Activate the screenlock. 
  4. On your phone, follow the instructions. 

Pay with Google Pay 

With your phone 

Wake or unlock your phone and hold the back just above the payment reader for a few seconds. When the contactless payment is successful, a blue check mark appears on your phone. 

If your phone doesn’t connect with the payment reader make sure your phones NFC-function is enabled. Go to your phones settings to check. 

With your watch 

To pay with your smartwatch, open the Google Pay app and hold your watch over the contactless payment reader until you hear a sound or feel vibration from your watch. 


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