Your trust is important to us. We do everything we can to ensure that your information is handled correctly and safely when you use ENTERCARD-products and -services.

Digital security

Learn more about what you can do for higher digital security.

Credit card usage abroad

It is safe and easy to use a credit card when you are travelling abroad.


Credit cards are safe, but there is always a risk of fraud. Read more about what we do to keep you safe.

How to shop online safely

Online shopping is easy and efficient, but choosing the right payment option is about safety.

Safe use of credit cards

You can be safe when using a credit card from Entercard.

Our communication to you

Get an overview of Entercard’s different channels.

Phishing via e-mail

Read about how you can protect yourself from phishing.

Identification in our channels

Entercard is continuously working to improve our processes and routines to handle and protect your information.