Credit card security

Your credit card is a valuable document, and it is important to treat it with caution. You can be safe when using a credit card from Entercard, but it is always smart to follow our guidelines for safe use. Even if credit cards are safe payment options, it is important to be aware of how you use it and to keep it safe. These practical tips can secure your credit card use. In addition, we want to make you aware that none of our employees or partners will contact you to ask for your password, card information or PIN-code.

Take good care of your credit card

You should sign your credit card the moment you receive it, and keep it in a safe place. Your credit card is a valuable document, and you must regularly check that you still have it. If you ever lose it, or it is stolen or used by someone unauthorized, you must block it immediately. You can call (+47) 23 33 83 32 to block your card, these phone lines are open 24/7.

Be attentive

When you are shopping, you should always check the amount before you accept, and save the receipts. If anyone calls you or sends an e-mail asking you to give out your card number or PIN-code, you should never respond. Even if the sender claims to be from police, a credit card company or a bank. You can give out your card number when you are paying online, but make sure the website is legitimate. Check the app or netbank regularly to control that you know all the transactions made. If something is not correct, contact customer service.

Protect your PIN-code

When you get your credit card PIN-code, you should memorise it. If you are unable to remember it, do not write it our clearly, not even in between phone numbers on your phone. Make sure the code is as hidden as possible. Never give out your PIN-code to others, either through e-mail or on the phone. Make sure no one can see the combination while entering the PIN-code. Do not leave your card at the bar or other places, and always make sure you get your card back directly after making a purchase.