​Entercard delivers results thanks to diversity

Published March 15, 2018

With 40 different nationalities represented and an equal distribution between women and men, all the way up to the senior management team, a good working environment has been created at Entercard.

“For us, diversity is not a question of policy; it’s part of our culture. At the same time, it is difficult to pinpoint the exact mechanisms within the company that have led to us being so diverse,” says Pär Hellstadius, Senior HR Specialist.

According to Pär, diversity is a natural consequence of Entercard recruiting the ‘right’ staff.

“Here, it makes no difference where you come from or what gender you are. We have always invested in people with different backgrounds and knowledge, and this has proved to be a good recipe for success.”

The average age of Entercard’s employees is 36. That, in combination with the mix of men and women, as well as employees with an international background, creates a young, dynamic and enthusiastic work culture.

Diversity and openness are important for innovation

Kelly Hyllengren, originally from the UK, works as Head of Digital Innovation at Entercard. She describes an inclusive and open workplace where diversity helps to drive innovation.

“We have a market that is constantly changing and where new financing solutions are emerging all the time. Maintaining diversity within the company and a broad range of backgrounds, expertise and experience, helps us to develop different types of products,” says Kelly.

“Having colleagues with different backgrounds is something that really brightens our day. You see things from a whole new perspective and it forces you to re-evaluate your own ideas. Sometimes it can be challenging, as most of us feel happiest working with people who are like us, but when you get right down to it, it helps make you better at your job and as a person,” says Malika Ismanova, Performance Manager, originally from Kyrgyzstan.

Finance culture without sharp elbows

Entercard has its origins in the traditional financial sector, but has dropped the suits and ties. But it isn’t a rootless, unstructured fintech start-up with sharp elbows living from quarter to quarter either. Entercard was also among the first in the industry to adapt to the modern finance culture.

Tuula Ikonen, Senior Financial Specialist, came from Swedbank when Entercard was established in 2005.

“We were established before the new fintech companies, but we have always had something of a relaxed, slightly founder-like attitude at the company, without compromising on our professionalism or ambition.”

“It has been exciting to be involved from the start, and to watch Entercard evolve into its present form, a Scandinavian company strongly inspired by diversity,” concludes Tuula.