Here you have to look out for pickpockets

Published July 29, 2014

You should be extra vigilant in these large cities.

Large cities in Europe are popular travel destinations for Norwegians, but unfortunately some European cities are more plagued with pickpockets than other places.

Tripadvisor has investigated which ten large European cities are the worst when it comes to pickpockets, based on users’ trip reports and how many mention pick pocketing.

Most theft in Barcelona

At the top of the list of villains is Barcelona, which is known to be a city where you have to watch your things.

On La Rambla, the notorious thieves are not content with a simple wallet, they usually steal the entire suitcase or handbag if the opportunity presents itself.

If you’re going to one of these ten cities, you should take especially good care of your valuables:

1. Barcelona
2. Rome
3. Paris
4. Madrid
5. Athens
6. Prague
7. Alicante (Costa Brava)
8. Lisbon
9. Tenerife
10. London

Cunning thieves

The pickpockets operate in a constantly more advanced fashion, and it is typical for two or three thieves to work together in tight places, such as the underground, buses or crowded markets. One person pushes up against you, another steals your wallet at the same time and hands it to the third person.

Some pickpockets have also specialised in stealing from elderly people with grey hair. These people can be particularly vulnerable and easy victims. Therefore, you should be extra careful.

Think smart

Assuming that you become the victim of pick pocketing, it’s smart to have taken some precautions: Do not bring all your cards and money when you go out, but leave most behind in the safe in the hotel room.

Take only a small purse with you with a card and some change for coffee.