myTrailhead – a new learning experience that helps us take better care of our customers

Published October 26, 2020

Before summer, Entercard took another step in our digital journey by launching myTrailhead – an online learning experience platform for our customer-facing teams.

-We wanted to increase the quality in our training and give our colleagues a new learning experience built on flexibility and their different needs. With myTrailhead, we can give them the best possible conditions to take care of our customers. At the same time, it allows us to secure and align competence across the teams and track their different skills when we need to optimise our customer service, explains Marianne Meese, Head of Transformation.

Irene Bjørnbeth Elvheim and Anki Lindén from the Transformation team are responsible for the implementation and training:

-myTrailhead is a gamified self-study learning tool that delivers bite-sized learning. The training is available 24/7 and employees can take the modules whenever it suits them. They can also select modules based on their specific jobs and needs. Overall, myTrailhead makes critical information more accessible and tailored so that our employees can provide better support to our customers, says Irene.

-It is fantastic to see the engagement and curiosity from employees who have tested myTrailhead. The rollout took place in May and June, during the Covid-19 lockdown, when many employees were working from home for the first time. We knew that introduction and training in a brand new system could be a challenge. However, with the dedication and eagerness of employees, and support from internal trainers, ambassadors and the Salesforce team, we successfully implemented myTrailhead in Sweden, Norway and Denmark, says Anki.

Daniel Westborg Tallström is one of the employees who has tested myTrailhead:

-myTrailhead is both informative and fun.I have gained a lot of knowledge about our company as a whole and a better understanding of how all departments work as one to achieve our shared goals. This allows me to perform better in my day-to-day tasks and maybe most importantly; it makes the work more fun, says Daniel.