Travelling this summer? This is our 10 best vacation tips

Published June 22, 2017

Summer is here, and we at Entercard would like to give you our personal vacation tips. We asked our employees to give us their best tips, and here is the top 10 result.

  • Make sure to bring two different types of credit cards when travelling (MasterCard/Visa). In some countries, the ATMs only accept one provider.
  • When withdrawing money or paying with your credit card, always use local currency.
  • Keep one of the credit cards you bring separate from the other, in case your wallet gets stolen or lost. You could keep the card in your carry-on when travelling and in your luggage or safe at the hotel when you have arrived.
  • Pay for airplane tickets with your credit card that has the best travel insurance. In case of unforeseen events, the credit card insurance will cover whatever is on top of the airline’s liabilities.
  • Use your credit card when paying for hotels and rental cars as many hotels, and especially rental car companies, reserve a deposit on your account. It may take several days after you have left the hotel/returned the car before they release the funds on your card.
  • Upload your credit card information in payment apps, which are relevant for where you are travelling.
  • Remember to approve invoices and pay bills before going on vacation.
  • Always bring your BankID to be able to check your account at all times, or pay invoices you had forgotten before you left. This may help you avoid any unwanted surprises after the vacation.
  • Take a picture of your travel insurance card, with contact number and policy number showing, as well as keeping the insurance card in your carry-on. This way, you will have the insurance information with you if anything happens.
  • Use your credit card if you are trying to book a last-minute deal online. It is the safest form of payment.