Career Company 2023

We are thrilled to announce that Entercard has been appointed to Karriärföretag 2023 (Career Company), hence has been elected as one of Sweden´s most attractive employers within the group Young professionals and Students 2023.

“Being acknowledged as ‘Karriärföretag’ is a strong indicator that we as a business are doing the right things, prioritizing our people’s career aspirations within a safe work environment,” says Christina Timm, Head of HR, adding:

“An underlying component behind this fine acknowledgement is definitely our strive for winning together by playing each other better.”

The expert panel’s rationale
In the process of becoming a ‘Karriärföretag’, an expert panel have reviewed and ensured that we carry out high-quality work in order to be an attractive employer from several aspects. The panel’s rationale for appointing Entercard is:

“Entercard is run by a committed HR department and works actively with employer branding. There is a warm company culture and a wide range of career choices, which attracts young talent. Entercard is a shining example of an employer that has succeeded in creating a family-like corporate culture thanks to its passion and loyalty. By being at the forefront of the industry, Entercard offers an exciting workplace in an exciting industry. As an employee, you receive good support in your development and can develop valuable skills. “

You can read more about Karriärföretagen here.