Meet our colleagues


‹‹Entercard is known for our great culture. We are social, competent, tolerant, and work at a high pace. However, we do not forget to have fun while working.››

Jonas has been at Entercard since 2006. Throughout those years, he has held seven different positions and experienced the company’s growth from less than 200 employees to over 450.

“Since I joined the company in 2006, the culture has changed a lot. Back then Entercard employed about 200 employees. We did business in the Norwegian market with an entrepreneurial outlook. Today, we have more than 450 employees in Scandinavia, but we are still small enough to make quick turns.”

Jonas joined Entercard after graduating from his Master’s degrees in International Business Management from EAE in Barcelona and Economics from BI Norwegian Business School. He was looking for jobs relevant to his thesis on how databases could contribute to increased customer loyalty. He found the right position at Entercard where he started to work as a marketing consultant.

“Entercard is known for our great culture. We are social, competent, tolerant, and work at a high pace. However, we do not forget to have fun while working. The employees  come from more than 40 different nationalities, which makes our business culture more dynamic and rich. It also results in a broader perspective on all levels”.

Up until 2019, Jonas had held six different roles across the group. In October 2019, he took on the role as the Head of re:member Cards Sales.

A lot has changed within the field of marketing since 2006. Even though the basic principles are the same, data and digital tools have revolutionized the field. The competence required to succeed and channels mix available to reach customers are very different than they were 15 years ago.

“I would say Entercard is more dynamic than other firms. We are moving fast to be robust in an even more digital future. I believe we are at the forefront of digital marketing. We allow for experimentation and early adoption to keep it that way”.

‹‹Customer operations is by far the best way to learn about Entercard’s products, customer needs and how our processes works.››

Raed started working at Entercard as a customer service consultant in July 2014 through an open position he found at a recruitment agency. After his period as a consultant was over, he got a permanent position as a Product specialist where he soon found his interest in the technical setup. This led him to realise that both his head and heart belonged to the IT department, where he works today as a Business Analyst.

“Working at the Customer Operations department enabled me to gain a better understanding of our products, systems and business processes, which made me understand new tasks faster. A great thing about making an internal career is that you can change tasks a couple of times and still be a part of the awesome work culture that we have. Being surrounded by engaged people provide great opportunities;” Raed says with a smile.

As a Business Analyst, Raed works with requirements from different projects such as documenting and testing, as well as act as a solution designer for how applications should behave. Read’s description of his tasks clearly reflects his passion and motivation he has for them.

“I get to learn new things almost constantly, and I get to work with almost all the departments in different initiatives. I am quite new at my role, which makes me very dependent on senior colleagues, but that also inspires me to reach their level of expertise. The environment is very friendly and vibrant where we share ideas and solve problems together.”

‹‹I love people. They are the best!  And to make other people grow, makes me grow. They teach me so much, and it becomes an exchange.››

In 2012, Tamara worked as a teacher in history and religion but felt that it was time for a change. A friend tipped her about a position at the Collections department at Entercard, and she has not looked back since. Due to her natural drive and ability to engage, Tamara has gone from being a Collections Agent to a Department Manager with regional responsibility in 2019. A journey where she also had roles as a coordinator and team leader in between. When the team moved in under the Credit Risk department, she could see the work of the team from another perspective. With the move, the collections team became more included in the strategic discussions and development.

“Even if I see myself as a people person, I’ve learned that it’s possible to develop that part of myself as well. Since I’m from Latin American, I have learned how to handle the cultural differences from experience. This has been important for me and my development, and I always ask my team for feedback, as I know I can always improve.”

Her team empowers Tamara, and you see that she is passionate about people’s leadership and getting other people to grow. The most important thing is that her team feels like they have the support and the tools that they need to help the customers. The Collections team encounters customers in difficult situations, and their role is to find a solution that works for the customer. To continue developing the tools and skills needed to meet the customers, Tamara promotes a culture of openness and feedback for everyone’s development and growth.

‹‹During my first 3,5 years I’ve had three different roles – in a larger company I probably would have been stuck on a specific and narrow task.››

Zhixue Su has been working at Entercard as a Credit Risk Analyst for three and a half years. After he finished his Masters of Finance in Stockholm, and met with a few Entercard employees he decided to apply and got the job. One of the main reasons Zhixue applied in the beginning was the possibility to grow and get exposure to different areas within the company. In his department, Credit Risk, there’s three large teams and the employees have the opportunity to move between all of them.

“During my first 3,5 years I’ve had three different roles – in a larger company I probably would have been stuck on a specific and narrow task. Compared to traditional banking Entercard is also quite agile and fast to adapt to new things. We don’t have the legacy systems that can hold you back and can therefore innovate quickly.”

Zhixue is responsible for building the credit risk model for the whole department. Every day Entercard receives a large amount of applications that couldn’t possibly be approved manually. The model Zhixue is responsible for generalizes the customer’s information within certain parameters so that risk could be assessed automatically and applications could be handled efficiently. But for Zhixue, the love for data analysis is more than just about risk:

“Data analytics gives you endless possibilities to explore what’s driving the customer and why customers behave in a certain way. We’re not just finding patterns, but using our knowledge to find the motivation behind the patterns. You can always find interesting patterns in data, it’s about finding which patterns that drives business. To me that’s the best thing, seeing your analytical results turned into strategic success and business growth.”