Our recipe for creating dream teams

“The team is filled with incredibly talented people who always deliver. We are good at supporting each other and complement each other’s strengths, and even more important, we have fun together.” Rickard, Senior Business Development Specialist.

Entercard is one of Scandinavia’s leading credit market companies with over 1.7 million customers in three markets. Our mission is to finance the big and small moments of everyday life, helping our customers to live their lives as they see fit. We work our magic with a team of 450 dedicated employees in Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

The values – Our guiding light towards excellence
Keeping a big team such as ours together and ensuring that we all strive for the same things is no picnic. This is where our values come in. They guide us during the workdays and keep us all in constant sync with the spirit of the company as a whole.

So, without further ado, feast your eyes at the Entercard values:

  • We keep our promises
  • We always improve
  • We make a difference
  • We win together

Whatever we do, we do it with these values in mind. That way, we are all on the same page and the legendary Entercard atmosphere is created.

“What I learned about my team is how they cooperate to work in a structured manner. They are good and fun people to be around, and we help each other out because we work towards common goals.” Christine, Data & Report Developer.

A vibrant culture of passion, diversity and constant learning
No matter how powerful our values might be, they mean nothing without the people who live by them on a daily basis. If there is something we have learned about creating a workplace where magic happens, it is that diversity is key.

Our team of 450 people represent 40 different nationalities. This melting pot of brilliant minds is constantly exchanging thoughts and ideas in the search for new insights that will evolve the experience for our 1,7 million customers.

In this agile and flexible environment, maintaining the status quo is not of particular interest.

Our in-house training center, Entercard Academy, regularly hosts training sessions, workshops, pop-up sessions and other learning activities. The themes for the sessions are set in line with our strategy, based on the current business and colleague needs.

We encourage you to grow, if you want to.

“I have always been given the opportunity to try on new challenges and tasks, which has kept working here interesting even though I have been here for more than 8 years. The thing I have enjoyed the most is that, if you have the capacity and drive, you are able to drive initiatives and ideas outside your comfort zone.” Rickard.

Never forget to play
Work is not everything. We all know the struggles of solving the work life balance. That is why we at Entercard believe in flexible working hours and the possibility of hybrid way of working.

Last, but not least, having fun is another crucial part of maintaining the patented Entercard spirit.

“We have quite a few activities that we do together as a team. Even though I like the spontaneous after work, my personal favorite is the annual trip to the company cabins in Trysil. This is where we manage to gather all of our colleagues from different locations in one place for a few days and spend some quality time together.” Rickard.

Other great stuff to expect at Entercard

  • Summer event
  • Breakfast club
  • Christmas party
  • Health allowance
  • Card benefits from re:member
  • Access to Trysil cabins
  • Great office locations

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