Career Company 2024

Entercard has been appointed to Karriärföretag (Career Company) in 2024 and has thus once again been chosen as one of Sweden’s most attractive employers within the Young professionals and Students 2024 group.

“We are happy and grateful to once again have the honor of being named Career Company 2024. This award is a confirmation of the work and dedication that we as a team focus on when it comes to employer branding. It is a reminder that our efforts to create a stimulating and rewarding work environment are not only felt internally, but also externally,” says Christina Timm, Head of HR.

The panel’s rationale

In the process of becoming a ‘Career Company’, an expert panel evaluated and ensured that we performed high-quality work to be an attractive employer from several aspects. The panel’s rationale for appointing Entercard is:

“Entercard has been named a Career Company thanks to their dedication to employee development and well-being. By offering exciting and challenging work opportunities in the financial sector and a corporate culture that promotes collaboration and innovation, they create an attractive workplace. Entercard supports employees in achieving their career goals and creates an environment where they can flourish and shape their future in a rapidly evolving industry.”

You can read more about Career Companies here (in Swedish).