Development beyond the role

At Entercard, you get to step outside your box and work together with colleagues from different teams and departments. For us, your set of skills are more valuable than your job title – giving you the opportunity to grow within the company.

One of the reasons our colleagues say they stay at Entercard is that you develop beyond your role – professionally and personally.

Being one of few specialists within your field, you will represent your team and be the expert in every situation. You will be constantly challenged and grow on a personal level, at the same time as you broaden your skills and business understanding by learning from the people you work with. This is one of the beauties with our organization setup and the size of our business.

We encourage you to grow, if you want to

We always encourage our colleagues to challenge themselves and try new things, whether it is to apply for a vacant position in another team, or be involved in a new project.

If you are interested in something particular, you will most likely get the chance to be involved. If you are curious about a field outside of your own core competence, there are always opportunities to learn more about it. We are proud to say that over the past year, 4/10 roles have been filled internally. After all, it is the drive and passion of our colleagues, and our supportive and encouraging managers that drive our business forward.

While our colleagues learn the most within the context of their daily work, we also have more structured development.

Entercard Academy – our in-house training centre

Entercard Academy is our very own educational body. It is driven both top-down and bottom-up by our colleagues.

Entercard Academy hosts a number of training sessions, workshops, pop-up sessions and other learning activities regularly. The themes for the sessions are set in line with our strategy, based on the current business and colleague needs.

Many of the Entercard Academy sessions are run by our internal specialists, namely our own colleagues. It provides opportunities for our colleagues to educate and learn from each other. We also bring in external experts who can introduce us to ever so important new perspectives. When external training is relevant, we use that too.

For our managers we offer additional leadership training that will make them equipped to lead our business, and guide and coach our colleagues.